10 Lovely Flowering Plants for Winter Colour

Don’t let the grey skies of winter get you down. Try planting some of these lovely winter plants to bring some colour and joy to your garden.

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Facts About Begonias and how to Grow Them

Begonias are tender perennials that will flower in UK summer time. They come in a variety of colours, mainly pinks and reds as well as some yellows, giving them a beautiful traditional appearance.

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Five Excellent Conservatory Plants

The orientation and nature of conservatories make them excellent for receiving and retaining sunlight and heat, so you can typically grow plants that would not normally grow in a British climate. This means that full sun, heat loving and dry condition plants can

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How Growing Flowers in Your Vegetable Garden Can be Beneficial

Also known as “companion planting”, mixing certain flowers and herbs in with your vegetables can have multiple benefits! Certain flowers can help deter unwanted pests, add valuable nutrients to the soil, whilst others can attract pollinators

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