Wildflower Bouquets – Choosing the Right Selection

Wildflower bouquets are perfect for any occasion, from weddings and christenings to parties and birthdays. There are many different flowers you can use together that will look stunning, giving the essence of a typical British garden or suggesting something entirely more exotic. Here are some ideas for wildflowers that will look beautiful in a bouquet:

  • Roses. Always a standard flower, wild cut roses of any colour can be a stunning addition to a wild bouquet.
  • Dahlias. With their pointy heads and pretty flowers, dahlias can add some interest to a bouquet.
  • Pompom daisies. Choose from white or different shades of pink. The distinctive, petite flowers are delicate but make a statement.
  • Pink Matsumoto. The blooms are similar in shape to a daisy and they will make good filler flowers in a larger bouquet.
  • Pink larkspur. Tall and distinctive, these wildflowers will lend height and interest to a bouquet. It is available in shades from pale pink to rich, deep colours close to red.