Predicted Flower Trends for 2017

New years always mean new trends, especially in floristry. In 2016, we have seen many flowers come into popularity with perhaps one of the most prominent trends being for seasonal blooms and wildflowers. We have been closely monitoring the trends to bring you our top predictions for flowers in 2017:

  • Big, bold bouquets. Whether you’re choosing flowers for your wedding or are giving a bouquet to a friend, think big and bold. Large bouquets are just starting to come into fashion again, and we are delighted – they look beautiful and make a real statement. If you’re thinking about a colour scheme, select something bold and eye-catching.
  • The wild look. We don’t think this trend is going to be going anywhere just yet, and chances are it will continue to develop throughout 2017. Choose a selection of wildflowers for bouquets and enhance them with foliage to add to the look – think ivy, sweet pea stems and jasmine.
  • More focus on origin. People are beginning to think about locality and want to source flowers that are ethical. Choose flowers from a local florist who has a good reputation and who can tell you about how and where the flowers are grown.

So what flowers do we think will be popular? Read on:

  • Roses. These beautiful and versatile flowers are a bouquet staple, or can just as easily be bought on their own. Choose them for simplicity, class and elegance in 2017.
  • Peonies. Make a statement using the peony’s large, full bloom and lovely colouring. Choose singles or doubles, and use them to enhance bouquets or to make a centrepiece.
  • Tulips. Deceptively simple, the tulip can be either soft and elegant or bright and vibrant. Tulips are now available in many different varieties throughout the year, in both traditional pastel hues and bright colours like pinks and purples.