Five Excellent Conservatory Plants

The orientation and nature of conservatories make them excellent for receiving and retaining sunlight and heat, so you can typically grow plants that would not normally grow in a British climate. This means that full sun, heat loving and dry condition plants can often do quite well in conservatories.

Conservatory Plants

1. Succulents and Cacti- are generally very hardy in conservatories where they are protected from the frost and can take full advantage of intense sun and dry in the summer.

2. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)- is a beautiful and exotic addition to a conservatory with a very unique flower display.

3. Lapagria- can tolerate temperature down to -5 degrees Celsius, can handle a shadier part of the conservatory and produces a gorgeous exotic bellflower. It requires ericaeous soil.

4. Plumbago- this lovely Mediterranean plant can flourish in conservatories and provide beautiful flowers most of the year.

5. Bougainvillea- is a fantastic frost-tender plant that ideally likes a sunny, humid conservatory that bears an alluring small flower in a range of tones.